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Fully licensed to cover: Tooting, Balham, Streatham and surrounding areas!

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          The owner of the pet(s) must complete the agreement form to allow SWalkies to act in the pet(s)                                                       
          best interest. Owners must also declare if their pet(s) is likely to cause any harm to 
          themselves, other animals, or to the general public or our staff. If this is not disclosed then 
          the agreement can be cancelled by us with no prior notice and non refund.

          For advanced bookings  a deposit of 50% will be required. The remaining 50% of fees must
          be paid at key  collection or at the first visits. In the case of weekly/monthly contracts 
          payments must be made in advance. If a cancellation occurs with over 30 days notice
          (60 days notice for dog boarding only) the whole deposit/full payment will be returned.
          If  it is less the deposit/full payment will be non-refundable.

          SWalkies, which covers
          dog  walkers/boarding/pet minders, public liability and care custody and control. We will
          make every reasonable effort to ensure that secuirty, safety & care of your pet(s) are
          paramount. However, in the event of an accident or theft as a result from our direct
          actions, we are only limited to a maximum payment of £250. No further liability will be
          accepted by SWalkies. In the event of an emergency all efforts will be made
          to contact the owner. However, SWalkies will reserve the right to make
          decisions regarding the pet(s) welfare and health. The owner will be responsible for any
          payment of any veterinary fees during the owner’s absence with or without verbal

          The owner of pets(s) must ensure that vaccinations, worming and flea treatment are fully
          kept up-to-date at all times. Upon visits there must adequate food and bedding. If this is
          not the case a £5 surcharge plus costs will be payable.

          If the owner instructs SWalkies to exercise the dog(s) off the lead, or your
          pet(s) should have access to a garden then the owner accepts full financial responsibility
          and liability for loss or damage caused.

          Please note that we are unable to walk bitches that are in season and therefore keep in
          mind the season before booking, only visits will be made and no refund given.

          We also reserve the right to cancel with minimal notice, but will refund any deposits.

          Please note we have been established since 2007 and we are not affiliated with swalkies dog 
          walking services in clapham